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Review: GalaxyUpdater by Drakaz

Review: GalaxyUpdater by Drakaz

6 Oct, 2010

Version tested: GalaxyUpdater (Donate) 1.03 (German Review is available on androidcodex.de)


The following review is most likely only usefull for Samsung Galaxy GT-i7500 users. The purpose of the app is to make an OTA (Over-the Air) update of Drakaz Custom Roms Galaxo and GAOSP. Additonal the GalaxyUpdater is able to flash Recovery Images to your Galaxy. Of course, everything automatically.

Features & Benefits:

Drakaz offers 2 versions of this App with different features.

GalaxyUpdater [Free]

* Recognize the currently installed ROM
* Download and install the latest Recovery versions and the Recovery Tools
* Check whether the currently installed Recovery version is compatible
* Cache support for recovery and ROM (only 1x download)

GalaxyUpdater (Donate)

* Provides the same functionality as the GalaxyUpdater, plus following additional functions:
* Download and install the latest Galaxo ROM
* Download and install the latest GAOSP ROM (even nightly)
* Wipe function (to delete all existing data to ensure smooth operation)
* Nandroid backup function (Saves the complete system (apps, short messages, contacts, …))
* Reboot into recovery mode
* Premium Access to the latest GAOSP release before it hits the official download site.

Basicly this app is to install/maintain and update the latest Recovery, Galaxo ROM and GAOSP ROM.
The only requirement is a rooted Galaxy Device. So if you have already Galaxo or Gaosp on your Handset, you can start using the updater immediately. Even if you dont have root, it will be no problem because drakaz developed especially for that case EasyRoot.

GalaxyUpdater is doing a great job. All functions are working properly. If you expect any problems, there will be plenty of help with a single post on the the Support Forum.

Flashing Galaxo or Gaosp could be done manually but with the GalaxyUpdater its a lot more convenient. Also, you dont need a PC to update a new recovery image.

To get a better overview of the features, here is a little video that shows the process of flashing an image and recovery for the installation of GAOSP:

Screen & Interface:

The program is well designed and the handling is pretty simple. The  “Recovery”,”Rom” and “Tools Tabs providing an ordered interface.
Therefore, for every option is still a short description.

Only criticism: If you flash to a new system, the app is asking for a wipe and after that for a nanodroid backup. These steps should be changed.

First the backup, than the wipe. This may confuse inexperienced users.

Speed & Stability:

The speed and stability is simple perfect. No crashes (Force close). The download of the required update files is fast as hell. The
Flash and Wipe process is done in about 2-3 minutes. Only the Nandroid backups takes a while (depending on the ammount of installed apps on your device)


GalaxyUpdater is free on Android Market.

The full version of the GalaxyUpdater (Donate) must be obtained for 2,49 € in the Android Market.
If you dont have a credit card, you can alternatively buy the app at Yamm via PayPal.


Absolutely recommended! A  Must-have  App for all Galaxy Users.

This is a translation of the german review written  by: Obihoernchen

QR Code :

Basic http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=5&d=market%3A%2F%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dpname%3Acom.drakaz.GalaxyUpdaterDonate : http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=5&d=market%3A%2F%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dpname%3Acom.drakaz.GalaxyUpdaterFull

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  1. I have upgraded my Samsung i7500 from 1.6 to GAOSP nightly build which uses Android 2.2 . I have to say Darkaz made wonderfull job by providing GalaxyUpdater. I bought Donated version which is simply awsome. All i have to do is EasyRoot and then install GalaxyUpdater and rest of things it will be taken care automatically once you choose which version you wanna install either Galaxo or NightlyBuild. I found drastic changes in my phone, battery life is good, performance increased, and awesome features enabled like Google Voice,Voice search etc. Go for it guys and enjoy Samsung Galaxy.

  2. ses un bon article mais dommage que il y a pas de icone de google+


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