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Android will win mobile contest, thanks to Linux

Android will win mobile contest, thanks to Linux

30 Jul, 2010

The folks over at PCWorld have put together five solid reasons why Android is going to win the mobile war. Even though we already knew that, let’s look at their reasons:

  1. Flexibility – Android users have a lot of freedom to do what they want. Developers enjoy similar freedom (Although that’s not always a good thing)
  2. Strength in Numbers – There is an Android device for every preference and budget. What a huge phone perfect for browsing the web and watching media? Grab a Droid X or Dell Streak. Want something a little more managable? Grab a Galaxy S or Droid Incredible.
  3. DIY Tools – Google’s App Inventor allows regular, non-programmer people to start creating apps. Yes this will create a lot of fluff apps, but surely it will create some great ones as well. People love apps, so the more, quality apps there are, the better.
  4. Focus on Users – Apple bumbled the whole “Antennagate” thing, there’s no denying it. Apple’s monopoly over the iPhone experience eventually leads to not caring as much about the users. Android doesn’t have this problem
  5. Google Factor – Sure there are other Linux-based mobile OS’s out there such as Intels MeeGo and Samsung’s Bada, but none of Google’s support, which is worth a lot. Market research firm ABI predicts that Linux-based handsets will account for 33% of the market by 2015. Google is activating 160,000 Android devices every day and they gained 4% market share from Feb ‘10 to May ‘10, while Apple lost a percentage point. Not to shabby

Note I’ve summarized the reasons that PCWorld listed, but what do you think about these reasons? If you’d like to read the extended reasons hit up the link and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

[via PCWorld]

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